Geo Baker and Eric LeGrand Launch Knight Society

Former Student-Athletes Partner Up to Build An Expansive Rutgers Community  

After helping Rutgers Basketball enjoy one of its most successful multi-year runs in program history, former standout player Geo Baker has now shifted his focus beyond college basketball and into his professional life. Baker confirmed today that he has partnered with one of the most beloved individuals in Rutgers history, Eric LeGrand, as the two former student-athletes announce the launch of Knight Society to connect the Rutgers community.

“The more time I spend at Rutgers, the more I have noticed a disconnect between current Rutgers students and the alumni,” said Baker. “There is a huge sense of Rutgers pride from Scarlet Knights everywhere, but that pride gets lost due to a lack of organization. Our goal at the Knight Society is to facilitate more engagement and interactions within the Rutgers ecosystem while also supporting the current athletes, which will ultimately uplift the community as a whole.”

With an infrastructure that is based on NIL relationships, member benefits and event programming, Knight Society is an expansive concept that will engage Rutgers fans, athletes, students, alumni, faculty and local businesses. Knight Society seeks to provide unique value through facilitating experiences and interactions that are only available through membership. Some potential opportunities include private events with Rutgers athletes as well as discounts at local bars and restaurants. The NIL angle comes into play with the Knight Society connecting businesses to current Rutgers athletes.

“We want to be different from the normal ‘Collective’ by giving our members the ultimate experience,” continued Baker. “This is not a project that will only support athletes. The Knight Society is a way to invest in yourself while also having the ultimate fan experience. Between the networking opportunities, local discounts, genuine interactions and the exclusive access to current Rutgers athletes, the Knight Society is a great opportunity for anyone who bleeds scarlet to become a more engaged member of this community.”

Baker has found the perfect partner to launch Knight Society in Eric LeGrand, who is the only player to have his number retired in the 153-year history of Rutgers Football.

“Working on this project with my fellow Scarlet Knight, Geo Baker, has been a lot of fun,” said LeGrand. “Since the first time he approached me about the Knight Society and bringing the Rutgers community together, I was all in. I cannot wait to see how we connect R fellow alumni, R student-athletes and R network as a whole.”

Prior to its official launch, a foundation for Knight Society initiative was established through a Discord Channel that was created for the Rutgers community. The group has since escalated to more than 2,200 members who actively interact with one another about the various athletic programs at the university. The Discord also hosts public discussions with current Rutgers athletes and coaches.

PLEASE NOTE: The Knight Society is an independent organization that is in no way affiliated with Rutgers University, nor is the company attempting to directly represent Rutgers University.

About Geo Baker

Geo Baker originally arrived on the campus of Rutgers University in 2017 and played a critical role in transforming the basketball program. His college career culminated in the Scarlet Knights making their second consecutive appearance in the NCAA Tournament this past March for the first time in nearly 50 years. Had it not been for a Covid-shortened season in 2020, Rutgers would have reached the tournament over three straight seasons for the first time in program history. A vocal NIL supporter, Baker established the Knight Society as a way to connect Rutgers fans, athletes, students, alumni, faculty, entrepreneurs and local businesses.

About Eric LeGrand

Eric LeGrand, the only player in the 153-year history of Rutgers Football to have his number retired, is one of the most beloved individuals in the history of the university. In October 2010, LeGrand sustained a spinal cord injury at his C3 and C4 vertebrae in a game at MetLife Stadium. Since that life-altering incident occurred, he has become a worldwide source of inspiration whose message of positivity has influenced a countless number of people throughout the world. Additionally, LeGrand has developed an incredible business and professional acumen, becoming an established entrepreneur, motivational speaker, sports analyst, philanthropist and author.

May has been a very busy month for the Jimmy V Award winner and WWE Hall of Famer. LeGrand opened his own coffee shop, LeGrand Coffee House, earlier this month in his hometown of Woodbridge, New Jersey, and the rising entrepreneur also announced plans for his own whiskey brand, LeGrand Whiskey.